What Would Jehan Wear?

You know you want it. The closet of the modern {and fabulous} Jehan Prouvaire

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polite-metalhead asked: hello! I know this might be a long shot and not necessarily relevant, but i'm writing this story about a romantic poet in the 1830s (urgh i know but he is quite different to jehan and also nothing at all like les mis (i hope)) and i was wondering if you had any advice on the clothes such a character might wear? he doesn't have the interest in medievalism like jehan, he's more of a byron kinda character? idk you seem to know a fair bit and/or have sources i could look at sorry to be a pain

Well, if you’re looking for references for a specific period in history, I would take a look at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Online Collections (you can search by time period and type of object), the Costume Institute’s Online fashion plate database, or the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Online Collections (that’s mostly British clothing, but British fashion was always heavily influenced by what was popular in France, so it won’t be too far off.)

If you have a university nearby, check out their library’s catalog to see if there are any books on fashion for the period you’re looking for. The 1800s have been the topic of a wealth of books on the history of fashion, so there should be at least a couple at any university.

As far as what your specific character would wear, that depends on what country they were from, whether they’re from the city or the country, how rich they were, and their personality. But searching the basics for the time period you’re looking for will be a good place to start.

I hope this helps!



If you like Les Mis and Halloween candy and making new friends, come check out the 2013 Les Mis Halloween Candy Exchange! We’re taking participants until midnight Eastern US time on October 11th.

(The link leads you to the information post, which will tell you what the exchange is, how you sign up, and lots of other cool and pertinent information)

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Hello all!

This is the information for the first (annual? maybe, if it goes well!) Les Miserables Fandom Halloween Candy Exchange! What is this, you may ask?

Well, a few months ago I was gripped by a wish for it to be fall. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday; I love the crisp air and the pumpkins and the spooky, supernatural spirit of things, and of course, THE CANDY.

But nowadays I’m away from home, at college in the city, and there’s really no way for me to go trick-or-treating or get Halloween candy while I’m at school (unless I buy it myself, but who really wants to go through the check-out line at the store with seven bags of candy you know you’re going to eat by yourself?)

I noticed a lot of my friends (on Tumblr and in real life) were also having this problem, and of course it had to be fixed! So I came up with the idea for people to send packages full of Halloween treats to each other. Then everyone gets candy, no one feels left out of the best holiday of the year, and we all get a chance to taste something new from a different place!

And now I extend this invitation to the wonderful people in the Les Miserables fandom.

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In case any of my followers on this blog are interested, I’m running this shindig, so if you’re interested we’d love to have you participate!


Grantaire and Jehan kickboxing because why not
(also the fun part was not having to draw the hands) 


Grantaire and Jehan kickboxing because why not

(also the fun part was not having to draw the hands)

For PilferingApples


This is a thing I promised to Pilf a while back—I was supposed to have it finished for her 1000 followers celebration, but I did not. But here it is now!

She requested Poetry Smash with kittens and battle pillows (based of this, this, and this), so that is what I have done. I’m not really an expert in canon era speech, so apologies if it sounds off.

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